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Easy Fan Volume Lash Kit
Easy Fan Volume Lash Kit
Easy Fan Volume Lash Kit
  • SKU: 24247

Easy Fan Volume Lash Kit

$215.00 $250.00

    This is our fully loaded Easy Fanning Volume Lash Kit valued at $230, designed for either you or your lash students for a successful start in the Lash Industry! Full guarantee that you will be provided with the most products plus thighest quality of lash supplies in the industry to maximize your education.


    Our Lash Kit will include the following items:


    5 Lash Trays

    • Exclusive Classic 0.15D
    • Ellipse Double Tips (Flat Lash) 0.20D Mix Tray
    • Magic 3D Easy Fans 0.05C Mix Tray
    • Smart B Volume 0.05D Mix Tray
    • Velvet Matte 0.05CC Mix Tray


    Lash Accessories

    • Aloe Vera Gel Pads (25ct)
    • Micro Applicators (100ct)
    • Mascara Wands (100ct)
    • Lip Wands (100ct)
    • Glass Lash Tile
    • Mini Lash Fan
    • Crystal Glue Stone
    • Micropore Tape
    • Single Glue Rings (50pcs)
    • Sensitive Lash Tape
    • Adhesive Nozzle Wipes (30pcs)
    • Silver Lash Adhesive (5mL)
    • Lash Primer (10mL)
    • Lash Bonder (10mL)
    • Lash Cream Remover (10mL)
    • Lash Foam Cleanser (50mL)
    • Lash Brush
    • L2 Volume Tweezer
    • B13 Isolation
    • Mannequin Head
    • Practice Lashes
    • Sanitizer


    * No promo codes can be applied to any of our Student Kits

    * All Student Kits are FINAL SALE

    * Kits may change and vary in colors for mascara wands, lips wands, micro-applicators

    * If any lash trays are altered, we will update the Product Info.

    * We recommend ordering online if you need more than 3 kits so they can be prepared for you if you plan to pick up in store