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Dolly’s Lash Lift Kit (New)

    The world's first creation - hot compression lash care

    Bella constantly brings forth the new ideas for every woman's desire we lift the eyelashes better just like blooming flowers which makes it an art of styling.

    Intense lash care - the secret for increasing more customers.

    Stay healthy after multiple treatments.

    Keratin deep conditioner.

    Keratin essence - deep repairing the eyelashes.

    Provide the best high - class service to customers.

    Easy way to create the perfect natural curls.

    Designed for different eye shapes. Accessories for lash lifting to create perfect natural curls.

    Kit Content

    1.Pink Bottle #1 Perm lotions: Curling agent, make the eyelash curl naturally beautifully and charmingly.

    2.Blue Bottle #2 Setting Lotions: It is fixative, make the curled eyelash to remain for approximately 3 months long.

    3.Transparent Yellow Bottle #3 Nourishing Agents: It repairs, protects, moisturizes and enriches the eyelash, makes the eyelash glomour.

    4.#Clear Bottle #4 Keratin Agents Deep conditioning the eyelash for health enhancement.

    5. Dolly's Lash Silicon pads: Unique designed with special material, providing excellent curling result to your eyelash, and it is easy to operate.

    6. Dolly's Lash Glue: Special formulated glue.  Water-soluble, washable and convenient for use

    • DYCA-0035 #1 Lift Lotion x 1 jar
    • DYCB-0035 #2 Setting Lotion x 1 jar
    • DYCD-0035 #3 Nourishing Lotion x 1 jar
    • DYCE-0035 #4 Keratin Deep Conditioner x 1 jar
    • DYBC-0031 Large Silicon Pad x 10 pcs
    • DYBB-0002 Medium Silicon Pad x 10 pcs
    • DXAA-0037 Dolly’s Lash Glue x 1 pc
    • Application: 5~8 times

     Tips for success.

    1.Closely paste the eyelash silicon pad above the eyelid along the roof of eyelash(depending on the situation, in order to prevent raising situation of the silicon pad, apply someglue on the base of silicon pad to strengthen the pastingcapacility), if the silicon pad is too large, it can be trimmed by sicissors into suitable size to fit onthe eyelid.

    2.After silicon pad is firmly adhered on the eyelid, apply a slight amount of eyelash glue on the surface of silicon pad, wait till half dry, and then use a small toothpick to adhere each eyelash on the silicon pad one after another. ( Be sure each eyelash is individually separated from another) when eyelashes are evenly adhered on the silicon pad we can now proceed with perming application.

    3.Apply suitable amount of #1 Perm lotions with cotton bud/Q-=tips.  Evenly apply the lotion onto eyelashes for approximately 10-15 minutes( depending on the lenghth and thickness of eyelashes, thin eyelashes for 10 minutes, thick eyelashes for 15 minutes).  Remove the #1 Perm lotions carefully from eyelash and silicon pad before applying #2 Setting lotions.

    4.Apply suitable amount of #2 Setting lotions with cotton bud/Q-tips.  Evenly apply the lotion onto eyelashes for approximately 10-15 minutes( depending on the length and thickness of eyelashes. thin eyelashes for 10 minutes, thick eyelashes for 15 minutes).  Remove the #2 Setting lotions carefully from eyelash and silicon pad before applying #3 Nourishing agents.

    5.Apply suitable amount of #3 Mourishing agents onto a piece of cotton or cotton bud/Q-tips.  Apply cotton onto your eyelashes for moisturizing and mourishing for 5 minutes.

    6.Repeat above procedure ( step 5) for lower eyelashes

    7.To remove the silicon pad from eyelid, we recommend to use #3 Mourishing agents, which can soften the glue and silicon pad can be easily removed.  Once silicon pad is completely removed. wash eyelid with water or cleanser(pad) to ensure no glues remains on the eyelid.

    8.Apply suitable amount of #4 Keratin agents onto your eyelashes for deep conditioning trearment.  



    1. DO NOT store in the fridge after use.  Please preserve it with the sealed cover in the cool place.

    2. Never mix use after the cotton bud/Q-tips wetting the #1 Perm lotions or #2 Setting lotions.  Always use the separate cotton sticks for each lotions.  The cover should not be misplaced with other covers to avoid cross-cotamination of the 2 lotions. 

    3. After use the #1 Perm lotion and #2 Setting lotions, please keep the nozzle(top) is clean.  Replace top and tighly seal straight after useto prolong lotion.

    4. If the product accidently gets into your eyes, use eye drops or distilled water to wash/rinse.  In rare case, if an allergic reation occurs, please consult with your medical adviser.

    5. Steam face or any lash cleansing is only allowed on the second day after procedure to prevent the damage of the curl

    6. Please consult the regional distributor or authorized agent for any questions on this product.

    7. Prevent storage in heated or near fire place.

    8. Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from children.

    9. This product is designed for trained beautician and it is for professional use only.