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popular platinum eyelash extension glue and adhesive 1 to 1.5 seconds drying time
clear lash glue example
clear lash extension glue 1 to 1.5 seconds
platinum adhesive in 10ml bottle
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Platinum Adhesive


    Our Platinum Adhesive is one of our best sellers. Known for its quick drying properties, our platinum glue can be used in both classic, volume, and mega volume applications. We recommend that experienced lash artists for this glue for its drying time.

    Platinum Adhesive also works for lash artists who live in colder climates and lower humidity, as these two factors will slow down adhesives. Typically, temperatures below 70° or 55% humidity will slow the drying time.

    ➺ Drying Time: 1 – 1-5 seconds

    ➺ Temperature Range: 64-82°F

    ➺ Humidity Range: 30-70% (In higher humidity climates, the adhesive may dry faster)

    ➺ Retention: 6-8 weeks

    ➺ Viscosity: Medium

    ➺ Fume Level: Medium

    ➺ Latex-Free

    ➺ Black Adhesive, 5mL

    ➺ Clear Adhesive*, 5mL

    Shelf Life: Opened bottles: 60 days; Unopened bottles: 6 months

    Ingredients: Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Carbon Black

    *Our clear version does not have Carbon Black as an ingredient.

    Platinum Adhesive is made in Korea

    All of our glues are final sale, please do review the recommended guidelines and drying times to make sure that the glue fits your working environment and speed.

    Graduating from Platinum Adhesive? Check out our Master Adhesive!

    » Our Platinum Adhesive is recommended for professional lash artists with a fast-working hand. Typically, we see lash artists used to using gold in the warmer seasons and switching to platinum during the cooler seasons. Cold temperature, slower glue.

    » Our adhesives must be shaken for approximately 1 minute before use.

    » To dispense glue, simply tip the bottle over and a drop will produce on your working palette (jade stone or glue ring). Pressing on the glue as it dispenses may cause excess glue to be released and/or air to be drawn back into the glue and oxidizing it.

    » Clean the tip with our Lint Free Cotton Wipes to prevent any glue spillage or accidently sealing the cap to the nozzle.

    » For best lashing experience, replace the glue drop every 15-20 minutes.

    » Our adhesive does not require fridge storage. Store adhesive in a cool, dry area. We recommend our Glue Jars.

    » Please do not use this adhesive to apply lashes to yourself, as the fumes around open or slightly opened eyes may cause irritation and medical attention.

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