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compact nano mister for eyelash extension
compact nano mister with mirror
compact nano mister with water tank
compact nano mister
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Compact Nano Mister


    Nano Misters is a tool that lash artists need to integrate into their lashing process. 

    To understand when and why to use the nano mister, artist must understand their glue. 

    Glues have 3 components: Cyanoacrylate, Poly (Methyl Methacrylate, and Carbon Black (for black adhesives). 

    Of the three, Cyanoacrylate is the most active and important ingredient in glues. It is what quickly bonds the lash extensions to the client’s lashes. As always, we advise the client’s to avoid washing their lashes, swimming, or going to the gym within the first 24 hours after a lash appointment to avoid major fallouts.This is due to that the glue is “still drying” even after adhering to the their lashes. 

    With a nano mister, you can help start the curing the glue faster for the clients than the normal time. The nano mister releases a controlled amount of water into the air surrounding the lashes and activates the glue to begin curing. This decreases the time required to withhold from all strenuous activities for their lashes. 

    Also keep in mind how curing the glue faster helps your client immediately after the lash application. 

    Clients get those “RED EYES” after opening their eyes when the fumes of cyanoacrylate is still present in the air. By curing it with a nano mister and blowing the fumes away with a mini fan, you are minimizing the chances a clients will be affected from the “red eye allergy”. 



    • Hold the nano mister 8-10 inches away from the clients’ lashes. 
    • In a zig zag motion, wave across the client’s lashes. Avoid getting too close - too much moisture on the lashes can cause the glue to dry white or gray. 
    • Use for no more than 10-12 seconds and immediately fan away the fumes with a mini fan before clients open their eyes.

    Recommended to use filtered water for all nano misters. 

    Compact Nano Mister

    • Available color: White, with stand attached
    • Holds up 20mL of water. Weigh 200grams. 
    • Comes with a USB charger, 1 charge of 2 hours will last the nano mister for a week