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lash glue bonder and primer
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Glue Bond 911


    Our Glue Bond 911 has been specially re-designed with our primer in mind. A double duty primer where you can use as a pre-bonder and after application bonder.

    The new formula differs in that it assists in curing the glue faster. Glue can get tricky sometimes, especially when you incoporate humidity and temperature. If you are in an environment where humidity suddenly drops and your glue is unusually slow, our Glue Bond 911 can be used as a booster to speed up your favorite glue.


    Directions for Pre-Bond:

    As a pre-treatment, use with a micro disposable brush and apply the bond to the base of the lash strip before use.

    Apply to only lashes you plan on using. Allow the solution to prime the lashes for 1 minute and use as usual. 


    Directions to use as a booster:

    After completing your lash application, apply with a thin micro disposable tip, genty tapping it on the lash where the extension sits on the base. Fan the clients at the same time to reduce any sensitivity. The bonder has a small amount of alcohol to bond the lashes. 


    Using it as a booster at the end will increase retention for your clients.


    Bottle Size 10mL, made in Korea