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advanced pro lash extension glue bottle
advanced pro plus lash extension glue bottle
advanced pro minus extension glue bottle
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Advanced Pro Glues


    Advance Pro Glues


    Availabe in

    - Advance Pro : 1-2 seconds

    - Advance Pro (+) : 1 second

    - Advance Pro (-) : 3-4 seconds, great for training new lash artist



    Temperature Range: 68-72°F

    Humidity Range: 30-60%

    Retention: 6-7 weeks

    Viscosity: Low

    Latex Free

    Available in Black Adhesive, 5mL


    Ingredients: Cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Pigment


    Directions of use:

    Shake well for 1 minute prior use - if not, clients may have more fallouts from improper mixing. The bottle is made of a hard plastic to avoid pressing into when releasing the glue. Allow the glue to pour out naturally, if squeezed, air will enter into the bottle and oxidize the glue, decreasing performance overtime.


    If using a crystal/jade stone, apply a couple of strips of 3M tape over the stone. Using 3M tape will help keep the glue focused rather spread out and helps it dry slowly on the stone. Apply 1-2 drops of glue to the tape. To prevent wasted glue, try to only drop enough glue for every 15 minutes.


    If using a glue ring, only drop glue as needed.


    After each use, use an adhesive cotton (sold separately) to wipe off any excess glue before capping tightly on. This will prevent any spillage at the tip and potentially sealing the cap to the bottle.


    Storage Tip:

    Keep out of direct sunlight.

    Always store glue in a dry, cool place.

    Store the bottle with our Nano-activated carbon Glue Storage.


    Adhesive made in Korea.