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new version of dolly's lash kit
dolly's lash kit perm lotion
dolly's lash kit setting lotion
dolly's lash kit nourishing lotion
dolly's lash kit keratin conditioner
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Dolly’s Lash Lift Kit


    Dolly's Lash Lift Kit is has been redesigned with now -  Keratin. 


    Keratin is a deep conditioner that is used after the 3rd step of the lash lift to add back nutrients to the lash and keep them soft compared to lash lift treatments in the past.


    Keratin Lash Lifts are perfect for people who love the look of classic lash extensions without the maintenance of real lash extensions. 


    The Kit is easy to use, with steps included on the box and each lotion bottle is marked with the step to keep the application organized. 


    Each Lotion Tube has a lock at the base, to use, twist the base to release lock and push to release the lotion as needed.


    Each Kit can be used for 5-8 clients and provide a lasting application of up to 3 months. 


    We recommend that clients do not attempt to get lash extensions until all of their lashes from the lash lift has naturally fallen off. 


    Kit Content


    1 x #1 Perm Lotion Tube


    1 x #2 Setting Lotion Tube


    1 x #3 Nourishing  Lotion Tube


    1 x #4 Keratin Lotion Tube


    10 x Dolly's Lash Large Silicon Pads


    10 x Dolly's Lash Medium Silicon Pads


    1 x Dolly's Lash Glue


    ** For Professional Use Only**